The Cornucopia Cup

The Cornucopia Cup

Event Divisions:

  • Women

  • Men

Event Details

It's that time again to test our Fitness, Strength, and Grit! As always the weekend before Thanksgiving bring us the Cornucopia Cup at CrossFit RE. This is an individual competition that guarantees 3 workouts for everyone and a 4th final workout for the top 5 Women and Men. This year is our 5th Annual Cornucopia Cup and we will be returning to our actual gym location this year (in Columbia City) after being offsite last year. Registration will begin on September 25th and will be $80 per person.
As far as the workouts go, we have a tradition that our competition does not include high level gymnastics movements (no muscle ups, or handstand push ups..etc), so this is great for first time competitors as well as seasoned veterans to competition. This year will be the first year we will be introducing a scaled version of each workout. This will be done "Open" style so you do not have to choose to scale all the workouts if you don't have to. But choosing a scaled option will affect your scoring to be under all Rx participants. We will also be doing awards for top male and female over the age of 40 this year!
As always we will release workouts as we sell more spots in the competition. We are a small gym so we only have limited space for this competition and it sells out pretty quickly, so make sure you get your registration in early. We have already released the "Test of Strength" and once we are half sold out we will release the "Test of Grit" and when we are sold out we will release the "Test of Fitness". So tell all your friends to get signed up early! 25 Spots for Men, 25 Spots for Women.

Event WODS

Test of Fitness

10 Min AMRAP 30 Wall Balls (10/6) 10 Over the Ball Burpees 30 Wall Balls (14/10) 10 Over the Ball Burpees 30 Wall Balls (20/14) 10 Over the Ball Burpees ME Wall Balls (30/20) Any time a Medicine Ball drops below your chest level you must do 5 Over the Ball Penalty Burpees. You cannot rest the ball on your shoulder, or head or Wall... or anywhere else. It must stay in an active hold position in front of your body. Score will be total Wall Balls completed in 10min.

Test of Strength

45 Seconds Max Effort Ground to Shoulder for each implement 15 second transition to the next movement: Dumbbells (50/35) Kettelbells (70/53) Sandbag (150/100) Axel Bar (155/110) Atlas Stone (175/115) Scaled weights: Dumbbells - (35/25) Kettlebells - (53/35) Sandbag - (100/60) Axel - (125/85) on a regular barbell Atlas Stone - (145/95)

Test of Grit

10 Min EMOM (95/65) For Total reps: Min 1 - 20 Bent Rows (hold in the hang) Min 2 - 15 Hang Power Cleans (hold in the front rack) Min 3 - 10 Front Squats (hold in the front rack) Min 4 - 5 Shoulder to Overhead (hold overhead) Min 5 - 3 Thrusters (hold in the hang) Min 6 - 20 Bent Rows (hold in the hang) Min 7 - 15 Hang Power Cleans (hold in the front rack) Min 8 - 10 Front Squats (hold in the front rack) Min 9 - 5 Shoulder to Overhead (hold overhead) Min 10 - Max Effort Thrusters You must use a double overhand grip at all times and you may not let go of the bar. You also can only hold the bar in the positions listed (no lapping, no back rack, no setting the bar down). If you do any of these you will get credit for any reps completed up to that point..but then your workout will be over. If you ask any questions on ways to make this easier...the answer will be can't do that either. (however..hook grip will be allowed). Scaled weight: (75/45)

The Final

The top 5 men & women will move onto The Final event - 10 minute time cap: Top 5 athletes start with 100 Double Unders The first 4 athletes to complete the DUs move onto 30 Plate Pinch Deadlifts (45/35) The first 3 athletes to complete the Deadlifts move onto 20 Over the Box Burpees (24"/20") The first 2 athletes to complete the Burpees move onto 10 Thrusters (185/135) The first athlete to complete the Thursters moves onto 1 Sandbag Clean Over the Yoke (200/150) If the first athlete to attempt the sandbag fails, the second athlete gets a chance. They’ll take turns until someone completes the challenge, or until the time cap. When an athlete is “up” for a sandbag attempt, they have 30 seconds to get the sandbag off the ground. An attempt is failed as soon as any part of the sandbag touches the ground.

Event Info:

The Cornucopia Cup

Date: Nov. 18, 2017

Location: 4243 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA

Registration: $80.00



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