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Meet Our Team

Amanda Righi

Amanda has her CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit football certifications and has taken the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting seminar. Her favorite part about CrossFit is lifting heavy things, meeting amazing people, and helping people push themselves to the next level (and witnessing their surprise and happiness when they do). However, her true dream job is to be a backup dancer.

Darrick Bourgeois

Darrick has his CrossFit Level 1, USAW Level 1, and CF Mobility certs. His favorite part of CrossFit -- hands down -- is the community. Our members are like family! Be sure you ask to see the “DEEJ” tattoo inside his lip. (His initials are DJ and the nickname came from Kimmie Gibbler on Full House.)

BeckyJo Bourgeois

BeckyJo has her CrossFit Level 1 cert. Never before in her life had she felt like a badass until she started CrossFit. (Ok, first she felt like a big schmuck, but eventually she felt like a badass!) Being tested both physically and mentally and breaking through all those barriers makes you feel like there’s nothing in life you can’t do. She want EVERYONE to feel this empowered. You may not know that she has six tattoos, three of which are directly connected to Darrick.

Christine Lynch

Christine has her CrossFit Level 1 and 2 certs. Her favorite part of CrossFit is how strong she's become in all the outdoor activities she enjoys. And she loves being part of such a strong and tight-knit community. Our members are her constant inspiration and motivation. You may not know that Christine is also a tap dancer and keeps a pair of tap shoes in her garage for impromptu dance sessions.